Principles for the definition of conceptual risk management viewpoints and views

access_time May 27, 2020 at 02:30PM até May 27, 2020 at 04:30PM

Risk management is the process of managing uncertainty through the identification, analysis, evaluation and treatment of risks. In a real scenario, risk management might have to deal with multiple stakeholders with different concerns and objectives. This means the concepts, techniques and practices suitable for its application might have a strong dependency from the alignment between the concepts, techniques and practices among the different context of the problem. Historically, in a first moment that lead to a proliferation of specialized frameworks defining how risk management should be established and implemented in specific domains, and therefore privileging viewpoints and views specific of those domains. However, if on one side those specialized solutions can prove to be effective, their specialization can also be a limitation to the practice of integrated risk management in scenarios of multiple heterogeneous domains, which is increasingly a common need in the enterprise world. Consequently, there is a need to solve the problem of integrating or simply reconciling several domains in a common context, a challenge recognized in the literature. In the system engineering discipline, the concepts of viewpoint an of view are used to represent the expression of a system from the concerns of a group of stakeholders. This way, one can reason that risk management can be a problem of alignment between different viewpoints and fragmented risk management views due to multiple stakeholders. This work addresses that problem by exploring the hypothesizes that a domain ontology can be used to both represent and manage those viewpoints, and therefore to support the integration and reuse of risk information. For that purpose, it is proposed a risk management domain ontology as also the principles for how to use that to define multiple viewpoints and views. The solution is demonstrated for a set of generic synthetic scenarios and validated for a real scenario of corporate risk management.

local_offer Doctoral exam
person Candidato: Ricardo João Correia Vieira
supervisor_account Orientador: Prof. José Luís Brinquete Borbinha